Red Light Face Masks Vs Face Wands - What's Right For You?

Red Light Face Mask Vs Red Light Face Wand

What's the difference between the two? How would you go about choosing one over the other? Two interesting questions that regularly land in our inboxes from customers.

This article will help you understand the differences between a Red Light Face Mask and a Red Light Face Wand. You'll learn how to use each product, and discover the benefits you can experience from using either - or both.

Before we explain their differences, let's help you understand what red light is.


What Is Red Light?

Red Lights On A Red Light Face Mask

Sometimes referred to as RLT, Red Light Therapy exposes your body to low doses of near-infrared and red light.

You can't see near-infrared light, but your body can feel it through warmth and heat. You can see red light. It has similar beneficial properties to near-infrared light but without the warmth and heat.

RLT uses a special device, like a lamp or a laser, that shines red light onto your skin. These devices expose your skin to wavelengths of light (red spectrum light). There are no known side effects of red light therapy. In fact, RLT can help you experience various benefits, which you'll discover shortly.

Studies have also shown RLT can potentially increase collagen and elastin. The research shows this can happen when using large panels such as our Super Max Red Light Therapy Device.

RLT is a safer alternative to sun exposure. (You can develop dark spots when you expose your skin to too much sun. RLT can also help reduce these spots). Red light is not the same as LED Light.

Here's an article on red light safety that you may find helpful.

Let's look at both the mask and the wand.


The Red Light Face Mask

Red Light Face Mask

The full coverage mask is a medium-sized, portable beauty product that covers your entire face. It comfortably straps behind your head, so you're hands-free while using it. Weighing only 200g, the mask is made from premium-grade silicone for durability.

The Red Light Face Mask uses red and near-infrared light. It fully covers your face and targets your whole facial appearance. The Red Light Face Mask can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin appearance.

It can also help to: Reduce scars and blemishes. Promote firmer-looking skin. Reduce redness. Boost your complexion. Balance skin tone.

The mask is also free from harmful EMF Radiation.

Key areas of use: 

  • Full face coverage
  • Hands-free
  • 10 minutes, 3 times per week to see results 
  • 3 settings - Near-infrared, red, or dual red light
  • Professional-quality results in the comfort of your own home.


The Red Light Face Wand

Red Light Face Wand

The Red Light Face Wand is a small, handheld beauty tool that targets specific areas of your face. It fits comfortably in your hand and it has a 270-degree turning head which helps you slide it across the contours of your face.

The red light wand uses red and near infrared light. Since it's a handheld tool, you can focus on certain parts of your face instead of your whole face.

The wand also has built-in Bio Microelectronics as well as heat and sonic vibrations. These help to provide long-lasting results for your skin.

The Red Light Face Wand can help to reduce the signs of aging.

It can also help to: Contour and lift skin. Reduce redness and dark circles. De-puff the under eyes and face. Reduce blemishes and scars. Promote smoother, younger-looking skin.

The wand is also free from harmful EMF Radiation.

Key areas of use: 

  • Targeted face coverage
  • Handheld
  • 10 minutes 4-5 times per week to see results 
  • 1 setting - Dual near-infrared and red light
  • Professional-quality results on the go - or in the comfort of your own home.


Should I Choose A Red Light Face Mask or a Red Light Face Wand? 

Red Light Face Mask Vs Face Wand

Whether you should choose a Red Light Face Mask or a Red Light Face Wand depends on what you're looking to achieve.

Both products work in different ways to each other. If you're looking to enhance a broader range of your complexion, the Red Light Face Mask may be your best product. If you're looking to target specific areas of your complexion, the Red Light Face Wand may be the better choice.

Alternatively, if you travel for work or you're on-the-go, you might feel it's best to incorporate both into your beauty routine.

For example: You can use a Red Light Face Mask in the mornings before you set off on your day. The Red Light Face Wand for quick, portable pick-me-ups.

If you are looking for full face coverage, firmer skin, and reduced fine lines and wrinkles, then a Red Light Face Mask would be best for you.

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If you want to reduce puffiness on your face while you're out, try using a Red Light Face Wand. This can help you achieve better results.

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Final Thoughts

Using moisturizers, chemical peels, or hyaluronic acid for dry skin? Both red light products can complement and help to improve your skincare routine.

For best results, you should cleanse your skin before using any red light products. Then you can apply peels if you use them. Then your red light mask or wand.

Finish off your routine by applying your favorite serums or creams.

You'll find a collection of other holistic beauty products designed to fit into your beauty routine here.

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Disclaimer: These statements are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Therapeutic Goods Association. As such, these products do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease or wound healing.

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