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Bedroom Calm

Never thought of using red light before but it makes so much sense. I bought one for my husband as he reads late at night and I couldn’t sleep with the bedside lamps on. But with this light blocking lamp he can read and I can sleep!! I am completely converted and will be purchasing another for myself :)


Love it !!!

Whole of Life Game Changer!

Using this bulb on the morning setting when I first wake up has made the transition to waking up, with very limited natural light coming into the bedroom during the Winter months much smoother for me.

I am a super early morning person in Summer and yet I just want to hibernate in Winter.

Now when I do wake up using the morning light setting for the Full Spectrum Light Bulb I initially found I was less stressed, I feel less body aches, feel a quicker adaptation to the time zone which means I am adjusting to the Eastern States darkening morning light much better than I normally do as we move towards the Winter months.

I am also finding that when I get home and later in the evening want to relax, the slightly subdued lighting also helps me prepare for bed better and I have slept better over the last week.

Even my Apple Watch has shown I am sleeping more, deeper and that my rate of breathing has reduced which means I am in a deeper sleep state.
Will be buying more...

Comfortable and classy

I love the slight orange tinge and the reduction in eye strain from looking at screens during the day.


Easy to use, great clip ons.

Easy to use and I'm seeing results

I have been using the face mask daily for a month and I definitely notice firmer skin in my mid-face and lower face. Another benefits is I get to ly down and relax for 20-30 min.

Red Light Face Mask
Donald Paquette
Face mask

I love it

Love these glasses!

These were RX'd, and I can see perfectly. They also help me fall asleep more easily.


I have been using it every night for approximately two weeks and I’m amazed with the results. My skin is glowing, I look less tired and my fine lines are noticeably reduced. I was self conscious about some lines around my smile area from losing weight but the mask is definitely helping with collagen production as the lines are incredibly reduced! I’m so happy! I know aging is a gift and I try to remind myself of this daily, but it’s nice being able to slow down the visible signs without having to use injectable’s etc. Thanks guys ❤️

Love it!

I have been using the wand almost everyday for the past few weeks. I have noticed a difference with my forehead lines, my problem area. I just began using it on my neck, so I will have to wait for the results. Overall, my skin looks better & my rosacea is almost gone from my cheeks!!! The wand is so relaxing bc of the vibration & warmth. I love it! It is compact & has a quick charge that lasts forever. I highly recommend this product if you are wanting to try red light therapy. I love it so much that my next purchase will be the mask. Thanks Bon Charge!

Better Than Expected

Very happy with my glasses. They seem to be better than my original prescription Glasses that I paid over $300 just for the lenses. In fact I'm thinking on getting another pair to replace them. Very very happy.

Exactly what I wanted!

Love that it has three levels of brightness, it's a great size, and that it is rechargeable. I keep it on my nightstand for evening reading and I use it if I need to go to the washroom during the night so I'm not using bright overhead lighting at all!


Nothing not to love about the sauna blanket. It does exactly as it's advertised. Heats up VERY quick. Comfortable. Portable. Crazy easy to clean. Look forward to my 30-45 minute "sauna blanket time" every day.

love it

only light in our bedroom now

Plug In Night Light
Beth Kennedy
So fantastic, I brought more!

Absolutely love these red light motion sensors.
I brought one to use in my ensuite, for those night time trips.
Found it less disturbing to my sleep than other motion sensor lights.
Easier to get back to sleep after the limited exposure to bright lights also should my fur ball go for a night time wander the low level of light it triggers, which is fully adjustable on each device, means I am not woken up as I have been with other motion sensor lights.
Loved the first one so much I brought another for my guest bedroom, I am about to buy another for the bathroom to help guests sleep well when visiting!
Many options for rooms/hallways to help minimise disturbances to sleep which is essential!

Honestly they really work

I was recommended these glasses by a health coach. I was noticing that my lower eyelid was twitching involuntarily from time to time. It was a bit annoying and it was a daily issue for many weeks. I also noticed my eyes felt tired and a bit sensitive to light. I purchased these glasses and more or less instantly noticed the twitch stopped, eyes were not tired and sensitive. Great product and I recommend for people who daily stare at screens for a living

Sleep better

These blue blocking glasses exceeded my expectations! I heard all the hype but still wasn't sure. Finally gave in and ordered and they have helped so much with getting to sleep and sleeping more soundly!

Great Addition

The red light bulbs are a great addition to my bedtime routine. They support my effort to reach a calm, peaceful state after a busy day so that I am better prepared for falling asleep. I was pleasantly surprised at what a difference they make for my bedtime routine.


Today I received my glasses and they are truly spectacular. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

The Red Light Face Wand really does reduce puffy under eyes.

The Red Light Face Wand has made a remarkable difference in my face. After using the wand my puffy eye bags are barely visible. My friend came over recently and asked me if I was doing something different, because my skin looked so good.

Perfect addition to my "Shutdown Routine."

These prescription glasses are as good as my locally bought pair. The blue light blocking is a perfect addition to my early evening "Shutdown Routine." I'm convinced that it enhances my preparation for sleep contributing to more deep sleep and no disrupting wake ups.

Worth it

I use this thing just about every day and it’s been a game changer. I’m sleeping better and getting more out of my workouts. It’s easy to clean, folds up nice, and actually fits in the provided storage bag. I do regret not buying the liner, but plan on doing so soon.

great ! i am very happy and thankful

Its the first time in my life i bought such glasses. and i am super happy that there is such company (Bon Charge) that produce such glasses in high quality with lab tests for protecting the eyes from white, blue and green light ! and this protection is beneficial to the whole body, and this glasses making life so much better ! its a life saver ! they really block very well the blue light ! i looked at white and blue sources of light, and the difference with or without the glasses, are amazing. they are really blocking it ! its such a relief. i bought many protection glasses before from ebay, they dont speciallized for protecting from blue light, they had protection from UV light, and they designed mainly to protect from possible physical hazards at work etc. but there is no glasses that block SO good the blue light like Bon Charge glasses. Finally i for example can look from my window at the city, and not struggle from the white LED lights that hurt my eyes from every corner !! finally i can look calmly with warmth feeling at the city, and enjoy music. and in my house i wear them, and in front of the screens, and at work where is very huge number of white strong light. So im very happy. thank you so much for producing this glasses ! ( by the way, the design of the glasses is beautiful, and they look durable ( some glasses from ebay where weak frames that broke after a year, but this of bon charge look durable and high quality.) and the feeling of wearing them is very great. they dont hurt my ears and head and dont fall off etc. very great glasses and company. )

Sauna and inserts

The sauna blanket is great, we also love our inserts! Helps keep the sauna blanket clean and comfortable.

Morris Computer Glasses
Laura Halvorsen
Quality Led Light Blockers

These Led Light Blockers known as Computer Glasses at Bon Charge are the third type of glasses of that type that I have purchased and I must say the best quality.. which doesn't have to be an indicator.. but is reflected in the price. . I am very happy with them and loved the frames I got to choose too.